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These designs provide a great source of inspiration on how to create a good user experience to provide to your users delete their account on your product.

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Detail page, Comments, Delete account, Modal & popover, Confirmation Threads
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Confirmation, Delete, Modal & popover Attio
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      Outsourcing | Pipeline - Attio
Delete account, Confirmation, Modal & popover Attio
preview of - Attio
Modal & popover, Delete account, Confirmation Attio
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      Create a newsletter
Account setup Substack
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      Customers | nicelydone+v1
Delete account, Modal & popover Swell
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      Subscriptions | nicelydone+v1
Modal & popover, Delete Swell
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      Products | nicelydone+v1
Modal & popover, Delete Swell
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      Personal Settings | Overflow
Modal & popover, Delete account Overflow
preview of Account Settings - GitBook
Delete account, Modal & popover Gitbook
preview of Profile settings | Online Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration
Modal & popover, Delete account Miro
preview of Profile |
Delete account, Modal & popover
preview of Account and password - Proton Account
Modal & popover, Delete account Proton
preview of Settings - Canva
Delete account, Modal & popover, Account settings Canva
preview of Linktree Admin
Delete account, Modal & popover Linktree
preview of Settings - Tally
Modal & popover, Delete account Tally
preview of Nicelydone
Delete account Twist
preview of Clay - Settings
Modal & popover, Delete account Clay

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