You’re about to know more

How come can someone take thousand of screenshots?

  • Launched a new version with a big update
  • Started monetization
  • 1,000+ new pattern examples added
  • Started Nicely done as a side project to share all the screenshots that I’ve taken.
  • Designed & developed the website myself.
  • Launched on Product hunt
  • Started taking screenshots of the websites / products that I liked

Who's behind Nicely done

Picture of Bertrand Bruandet
Nicely done is curated, designed, developed by Bertrand Bruandet.
I started Nicely done 8 years ago. As I was always trying new products and taking screenshots for my personal reference but I wanted a place where I could find inspiration by pattern organised. So I built Nicely done as a side project so it can be of help to others.

I'm also building Hypershoot, a bookmarking tool for websites and Maxi Best-of, where I curated the best design websites. I guess I have a thing with screenshots.
If you're curious, Nicely done is hosted on Linode Built using Figma, Inter, VScode