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Picture of Craig Hooper, UX/UI Designer @ Banfied Agency
Nicely done has provided our team with the most comprehensive grouping of user interface design patterns that we have come across—all wrapped up in a lovely interface of its own, easy-to-navigate—and there when you need it.
Craig Hooper
UX/UI Designer @ Banfied Agency

Nicely done is an inspiration library for

UX designers & Product managers

Use Nicely done to analyze and design better flows, discover common patterns, improve your UX writing...

UI designers

Raise your game by getting inspired by other product interfaces. Look how they sweated every details and use them to feed for your work.

Brand designers

Check others product’s brands. How they designed it for their audience and applied it across their marketing website.

Marketing team

Explore marketing strategies, how they communicate on their product launches, how they succeed to attract talents, how they convert people to their product, ...

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