Support / Help center page definition in product & ux design

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What is a Support / Help center page in design?

A Help Center page in a SaaS (Software as a Service) web application is an organized collection of resources aimed at helping users understand and make the most out of the app. It's the digital equivalent of a library combined with a customer service desk, dedicated to providing answers and assistance.

The Help Center is designed to be a self-service resource, where users can come to find information and solve problems on their own without needing to contact a support representative directly. It's typically filled with a variety of informational materials, including frequently asked questions (FAQs), articles, guides, and tutorials that cover a wide range of topics.

Common elements you'll find in the Help Center include:

Search Function: A prominent feature is the search bar. Users can enter keywords related to their issue or question, and the Help Center will return a list of helpful articles and resources that relate to that topic.

FAQs: This section contains answers to common questions the user might have. It's a quick way for users to find information without having to search through longer documents or wait for assistance.

Guides and Tutorials: Here, users can access step-by-step guides and video tutorials that provide in-depth instructions on how to use features of the app or troubleshoot certain issues.

Contact Support: While the Help Center is focused on self-help, it usually includes a way for users to contact customer support if they cannot find the answer they need. This may be through a form, chat, or direct contact information.

Feedback Opportunity: Many Help Centers have a way for users to leave feedback on the articles, letting the company know if the information was helpful or if it needs improvement.

Community Forum: Some Help Centers also include a community space where users can post questions and answer each other's inquiries, sharing their own experiences and solutions.

The Help Center is essential for a positive user experience because it empowers users to find the help they need quickly, at any time. It's an important aspect of customer support within a SaaS application, serving as the first line of defense in resolving user issues and questions.