Plans & pricing page definition in product & ux design

Some people might use the terms Pricing Plans, Subscription Plans, Service Plans, Product Packages, or Payment Options instead of "Plans & pricing"
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What is a Plans & pricing page in design?

A Pricing Page, commonly referred to as Pricing Plans, Subscription Plans, Service Plans, Product Packages, Payment Options, or simply as Pricing, is a critical component of a company’s website that details the costs associated with its products or services. It's the storefront window displaying the price tags, inviting customers to evaluate their purchasing options.

The pricing page is where the value proposition of a product or service converges with the customer’s decision-making process. Think of it as a menu in a restaurant: just as dishes are presented with prices, a pricing page outlines various service tiers or product bundles with corresponding prices.

Here's what a typical pricing page contains:

  • Clear Price Listings: Just as price tags make it clear how much something costs in a store, a pricing page should make it easy for the customer to understand how much they need to pay for each option.

  • Comparison of Different Plans: It's like comparing different tour packages before going on vacation. Users can see what features are included in each plan and at what cost.

  • Key Features and Benefits: This involves highlighting the steak’s sizzle. What does the customer gain by choosing one plan over another? It's about showcasing the perks and advantages that come with each tier.

  • Call-to-Action Buttons: These are like the “Buy Now” signs in shops; they encourage users to initiate the purchasing process.

  • FAQ or Additional Information: This section answers common questions just like a salesperson would help clarify doubts in a store, ensuring that potential customers feel confident in their choice.

  • Trust Signals: Certifications, testimonials, and guarantees serve as badges of honor, offering assurance to the buyers.

The psychology behind the design of the pricing page is as important as the numbers themselves. It should guide potential customers to the option that suits them best and provide them with the reassurance that they are making an informed decision, boosting conversion by reducing anxiety around purchasing.