About & company mission page definition in product & ux design

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What is a About & company mission page in design?

The About & Company Mission page is a dedicated space in a SaaS web app where the company shares its story, core values, and purpose. It's a place for the company to introduce itself, much like when someone tells you where they're from and what they care about at the beginning of a friendship. This page is where the company's heart and soul are on display, and where users can learn what drives the creators of the app.

Company Background: Here, the company usually talks about its origins — when and how it started. Much like a family history, this section could cover the founders' initial ideas and the journey they took to turn those ideas into a reality.

Mission Statement: This is where the company defines its key goal or purpose. It’s the answer to "Why do we exist?" It’s a clear, often inspirational statement that explains what motivates the company's day-to-day operations and long-term goals.

Vision and Values: Often paired with the mission statement, this section looks to the future. The vision is the company's dream of what the world will look like if they achieve their mission, and their values are the principles they hold dear as they work towards that vision.

Team or Leadership Profiles: Sometimes showcased with photographs and bios, this area lets you meet the team or leaders. It's like looking at a staff board in a coffee shop, allowing you to see who's behind the scenes, making the magic happen.

Social Responsibility: Many companies also choose to share how they give back to the community or focus on sustainability here — their way of showing that they are about more than just profits.

Culture and Careers: This part can provide a glimpse into the company culture and showcase current job openings. It might talk about team events, traditions, or what a day in the office is like, conveying how it might be to work there.

Contact Information: Lastly, visitors usually find contact details here, including the business' physical address, phone number, and email, much like a business card tucked into the back of a store menu.

All these components come together to present a full picture of the company behind the SaaS app. It's both a history lesson and a declaration of intent, showing users that there are real people with passion and purpose behind the software they are using.