Feature page definition in product & ux design

Some people might use the terms features instead of "Feature"
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What is a Feature page in design?

A Feature page on the marketing website of a SaaS web application is essentially the showcase, presenting the collection of tools and functionalities that the software offers. It's designed to highlight and explain the individual features that make the app valuable for the user. The aim is to inform visitors about the app's capabilities and convince them of its utility for their own needs.

When a prospective customer visits the Feature page, they are shown a detailed and organized display of the app's capabilities, sometimes grouped by category to make it easier to understand how different features can fit into the user's workflows and how they address specific problems or tasks.

The Feature page often includes:

  • Descriptions of Features: Here, each feature is explained in clear terms, focusing on how it can help the user. These descriptions usually come with actual examples or scenarios to illustrate the benefits in a practical context.

  • Visual Elements: Images or icons that represent the features visually are included to grab attention and help users remember them. Some pages may also have screenshots or videos demonstrating the features in action.

  • Benefits and Advantages: In addition to what a feature does, these sections explain why it is beneficial, elaborating on the positive outcomes that users can expect from using them.

  • Testimonials or User Quotes: Comments from current users about their experiences with specific features can also be found here, lending credibility and providing real-world context.

  • Tutorials or Links to Learn More: For those who want to dive deeper, links to tutorials, blog posts, or other educational content about the features are provided.

  • Calls to Action: Prompting visitors to try the features, either through a free trial or a demo, to experience the benefits firsthand.

The Feature page is a crucial part of the website because it articulates the application's core selling points and helps potential customers understand how the SaaS product can fit into and improve their daily operations. It's a detailed map that shows not just the destinations (features) but also the routes (benefits) users can take to reach their goals.