Webinars page definition in product & ux design

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What is a Webinars page in design?

The Webinars page is a section within a Software as a Service (SaaS) web application where users can find a series of online educational sessions. These sessions, called webinars, are designed to provide valuable information about the app's features, strategies for using the app effectively, and offer insights from industry experts or the app's power users.

On a Webinars page, users typically encounter the following elements:

  • List of Upcoming Webinars: This is a schedule of all the webinars that are planned for the near future. Details often include the webinar title, the date and time of the webinar, and a brief description of what attendees can expect to learn.

  • Registration Options: Users have the ability to sign up for a webinar they are interested in. Upon registering, they will usually receive details on how to join the webinar on the scheduled date and time.

  • Past Webinars Archive: For users who missed a live webinar or wish to revisit one they attended, many Webinars pages provide a library of recorded sessions. These recordings allow users to watch and learn at their convenience.

  • Host Information: This includes details about the presenter(s) of the webinar, which may cover their background, expertise, and role within the company or industry.

  • Q&A or Interaction Opportunities: Many live webinars incorporate interactive elements, such as a question and answer segment, allowing attendees to engage directly with the hosts.

  • Feedback Surveys: After participating in a webinar, users might be invited to fill out a survey sharing their impressions and suggestions for future topics, which helps the organizers improve upcoming webinars.

The Webinars page plays a crucial role in user education and engagement, providing a platform for live and on-demand learning that helps users maximize value from the application. It underpins the SaaS company's commitment to supporting its user community and fostering a culture of continual learning and improvement.