Leaderboard page definition in product & ux design

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What is a Leaderboard page in design?

A Leaderboard in a SaaS (Software as a Service) web application serves as a dynamic scoreboard that ranks and displays users or teams based on their performance relative to one another. It turns individual or group achievements into a compelling visual narrative, often used to drive engagement, foster a competitive spirit, and encourage users to maximize their use of the app's features.

In the context of a SaaS platform, a leaderboard might track a wide array of metrics depending on the nature of the service. For example, in a sales-driven application, it could rank salespeople based on revenue generated or deals closed. In a fitness app, it might list users based on the number of workouts completed or calories burned.

Features and benefits of an in-app leaderboard typically include:

  • Real-time Ranking: An up-to-date list of users' standings, allowing for instantaneous recognition of achievements and providing motivation much like a live sports event scoreboard that updates after each play.

  • Customizable Metrics: The ability for administrators or users to set what performance indicators or KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are tracked and displayed, offering flexibility and relevance akin to a customizable news feed that shows topics you’re interested in.

  • User Profiles: Links or hover cards that display a summary of a user's profile or stats when interacting with their name, providing deeper insight into the individuals behind the ranks, similar to an athlete profile during a televised sport.

  • Reward Systems: Integration with rewards or badge systems to grant recognition or prizes to top performers, enhancing user motivation just as trophies and titles are awarded in competitive sports.

  • Time Filters: Users can view leaderboards based on different timeframes—such as daily, weekly, or monthly—offering a broader perspective on performance trends over time, like comparing seasonal statistics in a game or industry.

  • Social Sharing: Options for users to share their ranking or achievements on social media, extending the spirit of competition beyond the app itself and into larger social networks.

By incorporating a leaderboard, SaaS applications tap into users' natural competitive instincts, encouraging them to engage more fully with the app, whether for personal improvement, bragging rights, or other incentives. It's a tool designed to quantify success and set benchmarks, but also to foster a community around shared goals and friendly rivalry.