Plans & pricing (Product) page definition in product & ux design

Some people might use the terms Pricing Plans, Subscription Plans, Service Plans, Product Packages, Payment Options, price, or premium instead of "Plans & pricing (Product)"
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What is a Plans & pricing (Product) page in design?

The Plan & Pricing page within a SaaS (Software as a Service) web application is like the private office where informed financial decisions are made. It's a critical interface for current users to review their subscription status, evaluate different service tiers, and make adjustments to their plans as their needs change. This page is the go-to destination for existing users who are considering upgrading their service level, adding additional features, or even downscaling their plans to fit their usage more appropriately.

Characteristics of an effective Plan & Pricing page include:

  • Current Plan Overview: Displays the user's active plan and usage, clearly outlining what features and limits are included, much like a bank statement that details the services available to an account holder.

  • Other Available Plans: Details the features, benefits, and costs of other subscription options offered by the SaaS, providing a direct comparison to help users decide if a different plan is more suitable for their needs.

  • Cost Breakdown: Presents transparent pricing information for each plan, whether on a monthly or annual basis, inclusive of any additional fees or discounts that may apply, similar to a detailed bill of sale.

  • Feature Explanation: Lists the features or capacity increases the user gains or loses by changing their subscription level, just as a car buyer would compare the specifications of different models.

  • Upgrade/Downgrade Options: Offers the functionality to seamlessly transition from one plan to another, with clear prompts or buttons guiding the user through the process, akin to selecting a new service package on a utility website.

  • Pro-rated Charges Information: When changes are made, users can see how their billing will be adjusted for the time remaining in their current billing cycle, ensuring financial clarity similar to a pro-rated refund policy when canceling a service.

  • Trial Options for New Features: Trials or demos of premium features might be available for users curious about higher-tier plans, giving a taste of advanced functionality, much like a test drive in a new vehicle model.

  • Customer Support Access: Quick links or contact information for customer support for users requiring assistance with their plans, akin to a help desk that aids with queries and concerns.

The Plan & Pricing page inside the app is a discreet, users-only area that offers transparent insight into the value proposition of various subscription levels and additional services. It plays a critical role in user retention and satisfaction by enabling users to tailor their subscription to their evolving business needs and goals. It is here that the bond between user and SaaS provider is nurtured through clear communication and responsive service offerings.