Customer stories page definition in product & ux design

Some people might use the terms Case studies, testimonials, or customer stories instead of "Customer stories"
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What is a Customer stories page in design?

The Customer Stories page in a SaaS (Software as a Service) web application is a curated collection of testimonials, case studies, and user experiences showcasing how various customers have successfully used the application to achieve their objectives. It serves as a source of inspiration and evidence for prospects and existing customers alike, demonstrating the practical applications and benefits of the software in real-world scenarios.

Think of this page as a portrait gallery, where each story paints a vivid picture of triumphs, challenges, and creative solutions. It presents an opportunity for users to connect on a deeper level with the product by understanding its impact on businesses and individuals similar to theirs.

Key aspects that define a compelling Customer Stories page include:

  • Diverse Perspectives: Featuring a wide array of customers from different industries and backgrounds, sharing their unique experiences and underlining the application's versatility.

  • Proven Results: Offering concrete examples of how the SaaS has helped improve efficiency, drive growth, or solve specific problems, often with quantifiable results that add weight to the narratives.

  • Visually Engaging Media: Incorporating photos, videos, and infographics that provide a visual dimension to the stories, making them more engaging and relatable.

  • Clear Structure: Organizing stories in an accessible format with intuitive navigation, so users can easily find relevant case studies that resonate with their interests or challenges.

  • Authentic Voices: Using direct quotes and first-person accounts to deliver genuine insights into how the app fits into various operational workflows.

  • Lessons and Strategies: Detailing the strategic insights or lessons learned from each story, offering readers actionable takeaways that they can apply in their own context.

  • Call to Action: Inviting readers to learn more about specific features, sign up for trials, or contact sales representatives to explore how they could replicate similar successes.

A well-crafted Customer Stories page not only highlights the value of the service but also builds trust through transparency and engagement. It lays the foundation for a community of users who are not just customers but advocates and storytellers, further extending the reach and reputation of the SaaS brand.