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Pricing page design: inspiration tips and best practice

Find the best pricing page examples as well as the best practices for inspiration to build a great pricing page UX.

What is a pricing page

This is probably the most important page of your marketing website as this is the one that will help convert your visitors into customers.

How do you create a pricing page

A pricing page is fairly simple, its often composed of a pricing table that details your different pricing plans and the feature they contains, some social proof like customers logos or user testimonials and a FAQ section (Frequently asked questions).

The tool to create it you will use won’t really matter. You can use plain html & css or using an online website build like Framer, Webflow… Use what you and your team are the most comfortable with to build it quickly and iterate on it. Note that if you’re using Stripe as payment processor you can create your pricing table in Stripe and embed it in your website.

Browse hundreds of pricing pages inspiration here.

Pricing page design tips

Here’s a list of tips that you can apply when designing your Pricing page. Some of them may not be applicable to your situation.

  • Frequently asked questions

    Include FAQ section to answer the most popular questions. Keep in mind that some potentials customers won’t contact if they don’t find the answer to their question

  • Social proof

    Show your most famous customer logos Include one customer testimonial

  • 3 pricing options

    Display 3 plans in your pricing table (Decoy effect)

  • Payment methods

    Show what payment methods are accepted on your website

  • Refund policy

    Be explicit about your refund policy

  • Contact

    Make it easy for your customers to reach out to you if they have question. (Please don’t be intrusive with messaging popups)

  • Included features

    List all of included feature for each plan.
    Make it easy to understand which plan offer most

  • Long term commitment

    Offer a discount for yearly billing

Pricing page design examples & Inspiration

/articles/pricing-page-inspiration/pricing-page-design-example-1.jpg)_Pricing page example from OscarPricing page example from Oscar

/articles/pricing-page-inspiration/pricing-page-design-example-2.jpg)_Pricing page example from FlodeskPricing page example from Flodesk

/articles/pricing-page-inspiration/pricing-page-design-example-3.jpg)_Pricing page example from MuxPricing page example from Mux

/articles/pricing-page-inspiration/pricing-page-design-example-4.jpg)_Pricing page example from RetoolPricing page example from Retool

/articles/pricing-page-inspiration/pricing-page-design-example-5.jpg)_Pricing page example from CodeSandboxPricing page example from CodeSandbox

/articles/pricing-page-inspiration/pricing-page-design-example-6.jpg)_Pricing page example from DeepnotePricing page example from Deepnote

/articles/pricing-page-inspiration/pricing-page-design-example-7.jpg)_Pricing page example from WandaPricing page example from Wanda

/articles/pricing-page-inspiration/pricing-page-design-example-8.jpg)_Pricing page example from VoiceflowPricing page example from Voiceflow

/articles/pricing-page-inspiration/pricing-page-design-example-9.jpg)_Pricing page example from Better StackPricing page example from Better Stack

/articles/pricing-page-inspiration/pricing-page-design-example-10.jpg)_Pricing page example from ZendeskPricing page example from Zendesk

/articles/pricing-page-inspiration/pricing-page-design-example-11.jpg)_Pricing page example from ProtonPricing page example from Proton

/articles/pricing-page-inspiration/pricing-page-design-example-12.jpg)_Pricing page example from TallyPricing page example from Tally

/articles/pricing-page-inspiration/pricing-page-design-example-13.jpg)_Pricing page example from GitbookPricing page example from Gitbook

/articles/pricing-page-inspiration/pricing-page-design-example-14.jpg)_Pricing page example from CanvaPricing page example from Canva

/articles/pricing-page-inspiration/pricing-page-design-example-15.jpg)_Pricing page example from TwistPricing page example from Twist

/articles/pricing-page-inspiration/pricing-page-design-example-16.jpg)_Pricing page example from LinktreePricing page example from Linktree

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Written by
on April 19, 2023