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Delete account design: inspiration tips and best practices

Build the account deletion flow by browsing examples as well as the best practices for inspiration.

What is a delete account flow

The process of allowing a user to delete their account from a website or application is known as a delete account flow. It is an important flow because it ensures that users have control over their personal data and can opt out of a product or service if they so desire.

Typically, the delete account flow begins with the user going to their account settings or profile section and finding the delete account option. They will be asked to confirm that they want to delete their account and may be asked to provide a reason. The user will then be informed of the consequences of deleting their account, including the loss of all data. They may also be offered alternatives to deleting their account, such as downgrading or temporarily disabling it, if appropriate.

How do you create delete account flow

A delete account flow should be included in the application's or website's account settings or profile section. It should be easily accessible to the user, ideally in a visible location such as the user profile or account settings.

Browse hundreds of delete account ux inspiration here.

Delete account design tips

Here’s a list of tips that you can apply when designing your delete account flows. Some of them may not be applicable to your situation.

  • Make it easy & efficient

    It should be simple to find the path to delete my account Don't require the user to complete a complicated process to delete their account

  • Make it clear

    Communicate cleary the impact of the action by providing them with clear information about the consequences of doing so, such as data loss, cancellation of subscriptions, and the inability to recover their account.

  • Make sure there's nothing preventing the deletion

    Run all the necessary check before deleting the account to make sure that there won't be any conflict after (That their subscription is cancelled for example)

  • Ask for feedback

    Allow the user to provide a reason for deleting their account. This feedback can help you improve your product or service and understand why users are leaving but keep it optional.

  • Remove user data

    Once the account is deleted from the user perspective, make sure that all their data is removed from your system. This includes any personal information, activity logs, and stored data.

  • Offer alternatives

    If appropriate, offer alternatives, such as downgrading their account, taking a break, or temporarily disabling their account.

Delete account design examples & inspiration

/articles/delete-account-inspiration/delete-account-design-example-1.jpg)_Delete account example from Cal.comDelete account example from Cal.com

/articles/delete-account-inspiration/delete-account-design-example-2.jpg)_Delete account example from CanvaDelete account example from Canva

/articles/delete-account-inspiration/delete-account-design-example-3.jpg)_Delete account example from GitpodDelete account example from Gitpod

/articles/delete-account-inspiration/delete-account-design-example-4.jpg)_Delete account example from MiroDelete account example from Miro

/articles/delete-account-inspiration/delete-account-design-example-5.jpg)_Delete account example from GitbookDelete account example from Gitbook

/articles/delete-account-inspiration/delete-account-design-example-6.jpg)_Delete account example from TwistDelete account example from Twist

/articles/delete-account-inspiration/delete-account-design-example-7.jpg)_Delete account example from SwellDelete account example from Swell

/articles/delete-account-inspiration/delete-account-design-example-8.jpg)_Delete account example from ProtonDelete account example from Proton

/articles/delete-account-inspiration/delete-account-design-example-9.jpg)_Delete account example from CycleDelete account example from Cycle

/articles/delete-account-inspiration/delete-account-design-example-10.jpg)_Delete account example from OverflowDelete account example from Overflow

/articles/delete-account-inspiration/delete-account-design-example-11.jpg)_Delete account example from ThreadsDelete account example from Threads

/articles/delete-account-inspiration/delete-account-design-example-12.jpg)_Delete account example from LinktreeDelete account example from Linktree

/articles/delete-account-inspiration/delete-account-design-example-13.jpg)_Delete account example from TallyDelete account example from Tally

/articles/delete-account-inspiration/delete-account-design-example-14.jpg)_Delete account example from RobinDelete account example from Robin

/articles/delete-account-inspiration/delete-account-design-example-15.jpg)_Delete account example from Oh DearDelete account example from Oh Dear

/articles/delete-account-inspiration/delete-account-design-example-16.jpg)_Delete account example from ClayDelete account example from Clay

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on August 22, 2023